Friday, August 31, 2012

The CCU: What We Can Do for YOU!


Virtual Reality worlds are still in their infancy. You can certainly find the roots of what has been called the Metaverse, 3D Web Worlds, 3D Web, Virtual Worlds, MMO’s, Serious Games and even glorified chat rooms as far back as the mid 70′s, starting out as immersive flight simulators, first-person action games and the like. Since those days, 3D platforms and the technology behind them has exploded. I know that many of the early developers of Second Life and other platforms had dreams that someday there would be great societies built on the platform that they were creating…a world where corporate meetings could be held in a professional setting, and where distance learning-based real life schools could hold classes in a wholesome setting. Many of us see 3D platforms as places to meet and learn more about people from far away places. Meaningful communication with other cultures brings all of us closer. The Content Creators Union and its founders share this dream.
These 3D platforms have something in common that no amount of programming can replace – the Content Creators. These artisans make the 3D environments come to life. Its the creators that make immersive suspension of reality possible. From the in-world code writers scriptors, texture makers, prim builders, to sculptors and animators; all are equally important and each nearly useless without the others. The Content Creators Union is here to help represent creators of all these disciplines, across the myriad of 3D platforms, with the intent to assist them in the secure and fair distribution and storage of their goods, be they given freely or sold commercially.
The Intent of the CCU
Our intent is to work in cooperative manner with grid / platform owners to create standard Terms Of Service Agreements, DMCA filings and investigations, and minimum standards for content protection. In order to make this possible, we are asking for the TOS of every grid / platform to state boldly that although content may be licensed to others, the creators rights are NEVER shared with others including the service provider, grid, grid owner, or anyone other than the creator. Further, we ask that all grid owners / service providers be able to determine the real life name and age of each resident in the event of real life laws being broken. We are asking that grid owners are accountable for their actions, we ask the same of residents in these worlds. As a function of our union we are determined to band together to reclim and enforce our rights as creators. In every case it is our endeavor to work with grid and platform owners and service providers to ensure the least disruptive ways to meet and exceed previous content protection standards with out disrupting the experience of the average resident.
We call out to all creators of content for 3D (Virtual ) worlds to join us in an effort to help one and all to reclaim our rights as creators and artisans.